Timeless Hand Knotted Rug Art

Occasionally, I hear from friends and acquaintances that say that while they love hand knotted rugs, they can not have them in their homes because traditional Oriental rugs will not suit their modern decor.  I am always saddened to hear this because it neglects to consider the vast range of gorgeous hand knotted and handwoven rugs that are perfectly suited to modern decor, and I would argue, any kind of decor.  These beautiful modern hand knotted rugs sometimes marry traditional motifs and open sparse fields like the rug above.  They reimagine traditional motifs in a new way and, in my opinion, breathe new life into beautiful woven art.  I would encourage homeowners, designers, and any one interested in beautiful rugs to consider these gorgeous rugs when looking to furnish their modern homes. --www.traditionalrugrepair.com