How to Fix Damaged Fringes on a Vintage Persian Rug

Anyone who owns a beautiful vintage rug, or has spent any time in a home with a lovely Persian rug that has been around for a few decades will know that there is nothing quite like having a gorgeous older rug serve as the foundation for a warm living space.  Vintage rugs have just the right amount of muted colors and worn textures that can instantly transform a room.  And as the old adage goes, many times they just don't make them like they used to.  Therefore, in many cases, a vintage rug can be counted on to be of high quality.  Even if a vintage rug has already been around for a few decades, generally it can still withstand another generation or two with just minimal care.  Regular vacuuming and periodic professional cleaning is generally all that is needed.  However, sometimes a vintage rug can start to get damaged - usually around the edges.  Fringed edges especially succumb to aggressive vacuuming or hungry pets or kids who tug at the fringes and eventually can damage them.  The top photo shows a small portion of a fringed edge that had been damaged.  In order to properly restore this damaged area, we reconstructed new fringe and integrated the warp strings into the field of the rug.  The bottom photo shows us in the process of restoring the fringed area.  With any luck, this lovely vintage Persian rug will be able to withstand another few decades of love and wear.  --