Shaggy Moroccan Rugs - Moth Damage

There is nothing like stepping onto a warm, shaggy, fabulously textured Moroccan rug on a cold winter day.  Just looking at the long yarns of a gorgeous Moroccan Beni Ourain or other tribal rug is enough to warm up a space and give it wonderful textural depth.  Moroccan rugs often have longer piles which just means that the weaver left the pile yarns longer during the shearing process (which occurs after the knotting is completed).  Allowing for longer yarns is what allows rugs to have that shaggy look that is very much trending right now.  The longer yarns are gorgeous but they do pose a particular risk to the longevity of the rug.  Namely, the longer yarns provide more space for potential moth damage as a vacuuming or brushing will often not reach to the bottom of the pile and therefore allows for undisturbed moth infestation to occur.  A close examination of the photos above show a beautiful Moroccan rug that has been damaged at the base of the pile by moths.  The top photo shows the damaged area from the reverse side.  Because this risk exists, it is highly recommended that owners of beautiful Moroccan rugs take care to regularly vacuum their rugs, regularly inspect their rugs carefully, and have their rugs professionally cleaned every two years.  With these simple preventative measures, these gorgeous long piled Moroccan rugs can last for generations.
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