Moroccan Rug - Removing Stains

Peruse any design blog or magazine and you will find pages and pages of gorgeous white, cream, and ivory Moroccan rugs marked by minimal graphic designs in black and brown.  These gorgeous Beni Ourain rugs, Berber rugs,  and other Moroccan rugs immediately lend spaces a wonderful grounded and textural foundation that complements almost any style of decor.  What is perhaps inevitable, however, is that these beautiful pale rugs will conspicuously show any accidental spill.  As a result, we often get calls to address unfortunate stains on these knotted Moroccan beauties.  The first step is to first professionally clean the rug in its entirety.  We are sometimes asked to just remove a stain, but that is not possible as a water mark will result.  There are some fortunate instances where a regular professional cleaning will remove a stain from a Moroccan rug.  If an additional step is required, we treat the area to minimize the appearance of the stain, sometimes eliminating it altogether.  While there is no guarantee for complete removal (for say, a red wine stain), our stain treatment can generally reduce the appearance of a stain significantly.   The risk of staining these gorgeous rugs, however, should not deter anyone from living and enjoying these rugs in their home.  In my opinion, any stain and imperfection will just add to the history of the rug, making it part of a home all the more. --