Antique Turkish Rug Restoration


We recently came across a splendid antique Turkish rug that we are slowly restoring for our personal collection.  It has a gorgeous red and gold palette, made only more beautiful with the century or so that has passed since the weaver cut this fine rug off her loom.  I think back to her days knotting this beautiful rug, and the many lives that the rug has witnessed.  I see previous restorers' work, probably dating back to before I was even born.  I know I am biased, but I can't imagine a new piece getting remotely close to being this beautiful.  A true antique - one that has been worn by life and time - is something special.  And there's no way to fake it.  Every day we see new rugs that have been "antiqued" to look distressed and fashionable, but they don't even compare to a genuine antique rug (and, sadly, these imposters quickly fall apart).  A true antique rug is something to behold, to cherish, to appreciate, and to preserve for our future generations.  And all it takes is love, patience, time, and yarn.