Oriental Rug Stain Treatment

 No matter how careful one is around a beloved rug, accidents inevitably happen.  When spills occur, it is important to first soak up all the excess liquid as soon as possible.  We always advise to blot any liquids, but never rub as this would likely enhance the damage.  For the rug above, we need to first professionally clean the rug, which likely will eliminate some of the stain.  We will next to a stain treatment which will eliminate more.  If any stain remains, we will then have to either reknot the area, or dye the yarns back to a color to the original.  Treating stains as close to when the spill occurs increases the chance for a successful stain removal.  Either way, we firmly believe rugs are meant to be enjoyed and lived upon.  --www.traditionalrugrepair.com