What to do about Kilim's Damaged Fringes


As any owner of handwoven and hand knotted pieces knows, a rug is most vulnerable at its fringes.  They get sucked in by vacuums, pulled on by kids, chewed on by pets, and a whole variety of other traumas.  This kilim likely suffered from at least a couple of fringe damaging issues.  When we received it, we first cleaned it and let it thoroughly dry.  Next, we sought out yarns that would match the faded blue and red of the kilim and started restoring the damage that had likely occurred over several months - if not longer.  Fringes serve an important function, including protecting the field of the kilim.  For this reason, it is best to have fringe damage restored as soon as possible.  The damage will be less and therefore the cost will be less as well.  
                                               Kosker traditional rug repair