Antique Anatolian Kilim Restoration

Restoring an antique kilim generally is similar to restoring a newer kilim.   Antique yarns, however, tend to be more fragile and their colors are more muted given the century or so that they have been exposed to the sun.  The actual techniques we use for antique kilim restoration projects, however, are the same as we would use to restore newer kilims.  We take care to remove all damaged fibers before commencing any project.  We carefully professionally clean the kilim so that our restored sections will blend in with the generally brighter colors of a clean kilim.  We then interweave the warp and the weft while striving to match the original kilim's motifs and color tones.  The results of a kilim restoration project are immediately visible, which is both a helpful guide to a restorer, but also provides an added challenge in that restoration "mistakes" are almost impossible to hide.  The antique  kilim restoration project above is an example of a recent kilim we restored.  The kilim had been damaged over many years, but after our restoration, we hope it is ready to be enjoyed for at least a few more decades.

Kosker traditional rug repair