Fine Antique Persian Rug Restoration Project

Over the years, I have been asked many times to explain what makes a rug one of high quality, or "fine."  While there is no one dispositive factor, a significant factor is often the tightness of a rug's weave, and if it is knotted, the knot count per square inch.  Generally, the higher knot count per square inch, the finer the rug, and often, the more expensive it is.  Repairing and restoring fine rugs properly requires that the restored area match the original rug's motifs, colors, and fineness.  It would look jarring to have a poorly knotted area in an otherwise exceptionally knotted rug.  The rug above is a beautiful antique Persian rug that needed restoration in several areas.   It is a challenge to work on such rugs, but one that can be extremely enjoyable, particularly when the results are harmonious with the rest of the rug.  Fine antique rug restoration is time consuming and skill intensive, but will extend the life of a beautiful rug for decades and even generations.  In a small, but tangible, way, it is one way of preserving the past for our future.