The Beauty of Kilims

As someone who is around beautiful rugs and kilims all day long - both for professional and personal reasons - I am asked often about what my favorite kinds of rugs are.  It is always hard to answer this question because there are truly exceptional examples of gorgeous types of weavings in each category.  But if I were pressed to name just one kind of weaving that was my absolute favorite, it would have to be kilims.  There is something so beautiful and exquisitely captivating about kilims.  They are a challenge to create because any mistake is readily apparent.  The range of motifs is limited because only geometric motifs are possible given the type of weaving.  And yet the sheer number of designs of kilims feels virtually limitless.  Moreover, the combination of colors in kilims - colors that one would think would clash - can bring a whole room to life.  Caring for these beautiful kilims is a joy.  With just minimal care, including regular gentle vacuuming, period professional kilim cleaning, and regular inspections for muting and moth damage, kilims can last several lifetimes.

Kosker Traditional Rug Repair