There are very few steps one must take to preserve the gorgeous beauty of fine hand knotted Oriental rugs

 One of these critical steps often is overlooked, however, even though we recommend it be done only twice a year.  This overlooked step is to rotate your rug so that any muting caused by the sun, or any foot traffic is more evenly dispersed.  The rug above was not rotated and one can see that the sun muted the rug on the section that was not hidden by a bed that lay above it.  This kind of muting is very difficult to rectify.  For this reason, we highly recommend that clients avoid this problem by regularly rotating their rugs on a biannual basis (perhaps coinciding with daylight savings time?).  

Another issue that the rug above had was the obvious stain caused by pet urine.  Pet urine stains are very difficult to treat if they have been allowed to set for a long time.  Not only does pet urine discolor the yarn, but it is also acidic and can compromise the yarn as well.  For this reason, we highly recommend treating pet stains as soon as possible after they occur. 

With a little preventative care, such as rotating rugs on a regular basis, and quick treatment of any accidents, such as having pet stains cleaned immediately, a rug such as this beautiful Oriental rug can last for many, many years.