Silk Rug Cleaning

Silk rugs can instantly transform a room - elevating even the starkest space into a warm elegant room.    Silk rugs are surprisingly durable and can last for generations.  Caring for silk rugs is similar to caring for wool rugs. Professionally cleaning silk rugs involves the same considerations, including color test runs and carefully brushing the silk rugs to remove embedded dirt.  We recommend rotating silk rugs just like wool rugs every six months to ensure that foot traffic and any muting by the sun is as evenly disbursed as possible.  Regular silk rug cleaning is important to lengthen the life of the rug, but it does not have to be every year.  We recommend to have your silk rug cleaned once every two years if it is subject to normal wear.  If it is in a high traffic area, we recommend annual professional silk rug cleaning.  If it is in a bedroom or other area where it does not have much foot traffic, especially without outdoor shoes, silk rug cleaning can be much less frequent.

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